A self-made scientist, Jeffrey has always had a fascination with the late, great Doctor Frankenstein. Although his mother had hoped he would become a lawyer, Jeffrey only studied enough law to ensure that Mottenkugal Valley has none regarding grave robbery. Indeed, it has very few laws at all. One of Jeffrey's greatest aspirations is acceptance into the Frankenstein Institute of Technology, thus proving to the world (but mainly to himself) that he is a successful scientist.


Mort is Jeffrey's first successful human animation. He has proven loyal and obedient to Jeffrey in almost every sense, but still refuses to attack the villagers when ordered. He has shown no proficiency for speech, and cannot abide being left alone. He enjoys the finer things in life, like thin thread that pulls through the skin without tugging, and sand. He finds companions with ease, although loses them just as quickly when they scream and run away from him.